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Dr. Luther provides treatment for pediatric fractures. These include elbow fractures and pediatric forearm fracture.

  • Elbow Fractures in Children

    Elbow Fractures in Children

    A break in any of the bones that form the elbow is called an elbow fracture. Fractures are more common in children due to their physical activities as well as their bone properties. An elbow fracture most commonly occurs when your child falls on an outstretched arm.

  • Pediatric Forearm Fracture

    Pediatric Forearm Fracture

    The radius (bone on the thumb side) and ulna (bone on the little-finger side) are the two bones of the forearm. Forearm fractures can occur near the wrist, near the elbow or in the middle of the forearm. Apart from this, the bones in children are prone to a unique injury known as a growth plate fracture.