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Caring for your hand/arm:

  • Elevation - Keep your hand elevated above shoulder level (like the statue of liberty holding her torch) for the first 3-5 days to help decrease swelling, unless you have had shoulder surgery, in which case you must stay in the black Donjoy Abduction pillow sling as directed full time.
  • Motion - Open and close your exposed fingers into a fist 10 times/ every hour. Move your fingers that are not in the bandage. Any fingers that are in a bandage or splint/cast should NOT be moved unless instructed otherwise.
  • Use - You may use your hand and fingers for light activities, but do not do any lifting greater than 2 lbs or perform strenuous activity.
    • If you had surgery performed on your finger- do not use this finger for any activity

Dressing care:

  • Keep your dressing clean, dry, and intact until your follow up visit. Use a plastic bag over the dressing while bathing. If the ACE wrap feels too tight, you can unwrap and loosely rewrap it in the same fashion.


  • Please follow your pain medication regimen with Aleve and Tylenol Arthritis as written for the first 3-5 days- this is in the attached sheet
  • Narcotics - (Oxycodone, Percocet, Vicodin, Dilaudid)- These medications can be constipating; you should use a stool softener while taking narcotics (Colace, Senokot). These can be obtained over the counter. Do not drive or drink alcohol while consuming narcotics. Percocet and Vicodin contain Tylenol (acetaminophen). Do not exceed 4gm Tylenol per 24hrs.
  • Home medications - Continue your regular medications unless instructed otherwise.

When to call the doctor:

  • Increased pain of the arm/hand/fingers after 2-3 days
  • Temperature >101 for 24 hours
  • Excessive bleeding through your dressing
  • Your dressing is soiled or wet
  • Numbness lasting >48hours after surgery


For any questions and concerns please call (919) 232-5020 and ask for the following extension:

  • For Prescription Concerns, x326 and ask for Angela.
  • For Postoperative wounds, dressing, splints and postoperative care, x378 and ask for Terry.
  • All other questions, x225 and ask for Debbie. Debbie may also be reached at
  • If you are calling after office hours please call (919)-232-5020 and page the physician on call (follow prompts).
  • If you are calling during office hours and do not get a call back within 1 hour, please ask the operator to page Dr. Luther directly.

Post-operative appointment:

Your first post-operative appointment may have already been scheduled- if so, please follow up as scheduled.

If one has not been scheduled, please call (919) 232-5020, extension 225 and speak with Debbie to make an appointment.

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